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Debunking Those Massage Myths

Many of you will have heard certain myths about massage and massage therapy so now is the time to debunk and discuss them to help put your mind at ease and give you the true facts about massage. Aura-In-Home Massage are passionate about our work and provide massage therapy across the Montreal area, we are the best mobile spa in Montreal and our Client testimonials show how much we care.

Source : Wikicommons

Source : Wikicommons

Massage Myths

  • A good massage means you will be sore the following day – Definitely a myth, you will not necessarily be sore after  any massage although it is recommended that you drink plenty of water following a massage as you should daily.
  • Getting a massage during the final trimester of pregnancy should be avoided – Massage is safe during your whole pregnancy and cannot trigger early labor.
  • Light massage is for relaxation only – Which is certainly not true, any type of massage performed by a professional is beneficial to your body.
  • Massage is a luxury that only certain people can afford – This one is most certainly a myth. Aura-In-Home Massage provides an affordable service to our clients in their own home, office or hotel.
  • Your massage therapist does not need to know about any health problems you have suffered in the past or present – Providing a massage therapist with a full medical history can help you get the best from your massage. With full knowledge your massage can be tailored to you as an individual.

Book your massage today with Aura-In-Home and find out for yourself the true benefits of massage, with regular special offers, highly qualified and friendly masseurs and many happy customers why would you want to go elsewhere? We take the hassle out of travelling for you, will provide you with a tailor made massage to help with any health issues and promise you the massage you deserve.

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Get That Summer Feeling

Now that the winter blues have lifted and summer has arrived you can get that fantastic feeling and rid yourself of aches and pains with a massage in your own home. Aura-In-Home Massage are the best mobile spa service in the Montreal area and offer and wide variety of massages to help you look and feel great.

Sunshine. Source – Wiki Commons

Summer time brings sunshine and laughter to us all – it’s a time to relax, enjoy life and meet up with friends. Hunt out your shorts and put away that winter wardrobe for a few months, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Summer can be a strenuous time as we all go outside more and take more exercise without necessarily eating any healthier so why not give your body a boost with a massage.

Aura-In-Home Massage can visit your home, workplace or hotel and are qualified massage therapists working in the Montreal area. With a friendly smile and attention to detail we can help you feel your best for the summer season, easing aches and massaging tired and over worked muscles; leaving you free to enjoy the weather.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and allow us to tailor your massage session to your own needs. Aura-In-Home Massage are the best mobile spa and massage therapists in Montreal, the service is so good you will find there’s no need to go elsewhere.

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Regular Promotions for Massage Fans in Montreal

Did you know that Aura-In-Home Massage offer regular promotion and special deals that you can benefit from in the Montreal area?
Not only do we have regular promotions and giveaways but we also have a very popular membership scheme giving reduced rate massage packages to our lovely customers.

Ensuring that our customers are happy and receive the best service is what Aura-In-Home Massage is all about, you can read testimonials from our customers Here.  Covering a wide area in and around Montreal, Aura-In-Home Massage have a range of services for everyone.  Our qualified and experienced masseurs will visit you providing the best spa massage Montreal has to offer.

Source - Wikicommons

Source – Wikicommons

For more information on our promotions, membership deals and massage services take a look at the promotions page. Book your massage now for either Monday or Tuesday and receive a 15% discount off the usual price* ( * don’t forget to check our website regularly to ensure the offer is still valid).

Whether you are looking for a home massage in Old Port or a Swedish massage in Montreal – Aura-In-Home will be there  at a time, date and place that is convenient for you. You simply cannot get a better service and at great prices too. Be sure to check our promotions page regularly to take advantage of our special offers and membership deals.

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All About Couples Massage Therapy Montreal And The Benefits

We all know by now that going for a massage offers individuals both therapeutic and health benefits. In as much as a certain group of people were skeptical about going for a massage, the numerous benefits that people continue to enjoy has been quite instrumental in turning their attitude around. When going for a massage service, it’s important that you keenly select the business as well as the masseurs that will provide the service. This is because a massage involves not only the physical aspect of a person but also the mental and psychological.

In an attempt to provide clients with professional services, aura-in-home has been leading by example and breaking new ground in the provision of quality services to customer’s right from the comfort of their residential places. Aura-in-home business is dedicated towards ensuring that couples and clients from all walks of life get quality massage therapy right from their houses. The reliability of the masseurs coupled with the fact that they use the latest techniques in discharging the same has made them quite dependable. Couples no longer have to go round and about looking for massage therapy Montreal services. This obstacle has been effectively dealt with going by the efforts of aura in home business. A massage therapy has the benefit of helping a person relieve tension, stress and even depression.

It’s performed with care and professionalism to provide clients with a revitalizing and relaxing feeling. The essence of seeking for a massage therapy lies in the fact that it serves to reduce high blood pressure and has the impact of making a person not only productive but also effective. Couples can take advantage of the couple massage therapy by enlisting the professional services of aura in home business. The business provides these services from the comfort of one’s home and as such has been quite reliable in providing couples with the ultimate relaxation.