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Get the Best from a Sports Massage in Montreal

A sports massage is not just for professional athletes – if you are considering taking up a new sport, already engage in regular sporting activities or have been unfortunate enough to be injured during sports then you can get wonderful results from a sports massage from one of the fully qualified therapists here at Aura-In-Home Massage.


Source - Wikicommons

Source – Wikicommons


Any massage starts with an in depth chat with one of our therapists to ensure you get the best results possible. After a sports massage customers often find less muscle soreness, their muscles can build and improve faster plus general aches and pains are eased and the whole body feels and moves better. Massage is an essential part of keeping your body and mind functioning as it should, especially if you regularly exercise and put muscles under strain.

Who can Benefit from a Sports Massage?

Athletes, those who regularly exercise and also people suffering from muscle fatigue, general aches, chronic muscle pain and restricted movement will find a sports massage could be the right massage for them.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a version of a Swedish massage but more tailored to the needs of those who need to use a wide range of muscles to stay active. Stimulating circulation and the movement of lymph fluids while soothing any knotted or tired muscles. A sports massage can help with specific areas that may be painful or have restricted movement and also be useful after a hard workout to ease tired muscles such as an aching back or knees and also help improve recovery rates.


With many types of massage to choose from, why not give the professionals at Aura-In-Home Massage a call today to find out the ideal one for you and to book your massage in Montreal. We are the best mobile spa service covering Montreal, Old Port, Nun’s Island and other areas so will visit you at your office, home or convenient place – Take a look at our map for further details.


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Give Your Montreal Employees a Boost

Massage in the Workplace

Studies have shown that happy employees work harder, are less stressed and much more productive at work and in their daily lives. Employers who recognize this are taking the initiative and providing an enhanced working environment for their staff which in turn leads to much more productivity in the workplace.

Aura-In-Home Massage provides corporate and workplace massages to help you get the best from your employees. Contact us today and find out how we can bring the relaxation and benefits of massage to your staff with our mobile spa in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Source : Wikicommons

Source : Wikicommons

Boosting Staff and Morale

Imagine your workplace full of enthusiastic and cheerful workers, with less gripes and groans about aches and pains caused by repetitive tasks. Booking a workplace massage in Montreal is easy and you may even be able to claim the expenses back on your insurance.

Prices start at only $90 per hour and we bring all the necessary equipment to make your staff more relaxed and productive. Each person receives a 15 minute chair massage to relieve tension, stress and tired muscles.

Whatever your business, no matter how large or small your work force is, Aura-In-Home massage can tailor a session to the needs of your employees. Book today and find out why we are the #1 mobile spa in Montreal.

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Strengthen Your Body and Mind with a Chinese Massage

Try a Chinese Massage and Feel the Benefits Immediately

Chinese massage is somewhat different from other styles of massage and is meant to promote and encourage well being using forceful and rhythmic techniques. The aim is to loosen sore and knotted muscles, increasing circulation and allowing the body to heal itself from within.

Whilst the techniques used may seem to be rougher than an average relaxation massage, it takes a long time to train fully in Chinese massage due to the complex movements needed to be able to help the clients body begin the healing process. Chinese massage is proven to help strengthen your body, which in turn allows your mind to perform to a higher standard.



For the best in deep tissue massage in and around Montreal Aura-In-Home massage offer the best mobile masseurs in the area and have gained the reputation for providing a complete and much needed service to all of our customers. Whether you are local or just visiting the Montreal, West Island or Nun’s Island you can take advantage of the range of tailored massage services on your home or hotel room.

At Aura-In-Home massage all of our masseurs are trained to an extremely high standard and are happy to explain to you the differences in techniques used and which type of massage may suit your individual needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Aura-In-Home mobile spa are the best for all of your therapeutic massage needs in the Montreal area.

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Oooh and…… Relax

Relaxation is such a rare commodity these days and something we don’t achieve often enough according to many medical experts. So why not book in and let the Aura-In-Home Massage team soothe your tired muscles, alleviate your stress and help you find that relaxed state we all need to stay healthy and happy?

Slow sweeping strokes and a gentle touch are the key elements to our relaxation massage, and you should find that you will sleep better and feel more fluid all over afterwards. A relaxation massage can help with a range of problems from insomnia to muscle pain and more.

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After a busy week at the office we all need to unwind, chill out and let the tensions of our hectic lifestyles float away, although many of us really do find it hard to switch off. Instead our minds and bodies continue in a half aware state that creates even more tension, sore muscles and in some cases, sleep deprivation. The fact that we’re still in full on mode does not help our bodies to adjust or compensate for the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Book your Aura-In-Home Massage today and soothe away the worries, find out how a relaxation massage can benefit your everyday life and you will never look back again! it really does work and our testimonials are from real customers who have benefited from our in home massage services. Drop us an e-mail at info@auramassage.ca or call on 514-654-AURA (2872) to discuss your requirements. Therapeutic massage in  Montreal is our speciality.

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The Hassles of Travel – That’s Why We Come to You

Have you ever wondered why more people don’t visit the spa for massages? Well to be honest it’s probably due to the fact that after a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is travel to the spa. We all really just want to go home and relax don’t we?

What if you could go home, unwind and have a professional massage without the hassle of driving to the spa? That’s when Aura-In-Home Massage is who you should be calling. Because we visit our clients in their own homes or office, you don’t have to worry about getting home late, finding a sitter for the kids or making another journey after a long day.

Source WikiCommons

The Aura-In-Home massage teams service area covers Montreal, West Island, and Nun’s Island making it easier for you to get the massage you deserve and not feel guilty about spending time at the spa. Have a home massage in Old Port, a couples massage in Montreal or a Chinese massage in Mount Royal, it’s up to you to decide where and when you’d like your massage, then just give us a call or book online and our professional masseurs will see you there.

Let Aura-In-Home Massage help you relax, unwind and de-stress after a long day in the comfort of your own home.

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Add a Spring to Your Step with a Swedish Massage in Montreal

With Spring just around the corner it’s time to loosen up, shake off the winter blues and get prepared to enjoy the warmer weather. The ideal way to improve your flexibility and blood circulation to give your skin a nice glow and help you feel better all over is a Swedish Massage.

With Aura In-Home Massage you can enjoy a full range of massage therapist services in the Montreal area, right in the comfort of your own home. Let our trained massage therapists ease your tender muscles and help you get a spring back into your step.

Our Swedish massage will help boost your whole body, loosen tired or aching muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Book your Swedish Massage in Montreal today and enjoy the full benefits of our professional service in the comfort of your own home. You could even treat the loved one in your life and choose our popular Couples massage.

You can book online or by telephone, our team of qualified and skilled masseurs are available from 8am to 9pm daily. Take a look at what our customers have to say about the wonderful home service from Aura Massage in Montreal and surrounding areas and find out more about the massage services we offer in your area.


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Relax with Aura-In-Home Massage Therapist in Montreal

Since ancient times, getting adequate rest and rejuvenation has been an important aspect of life. We all need to spare some time from our busy schedules every once in a while and get the much required relaxation. Relaxation does not mean sitting idle at home and watching movies. It’s something much deeper and much more important than we think. Having an in home massage could not only be beneficial to you but can provide the ultimate rejuvenation, relaxation and rest that our bodies need.

Massage therapy has all the ingredients of ensuring that you can be fully relaxed and will help to put things into a new perspective. It enables you to unwind and relax in such a way that only is only found through massage.

Aura-In-Home Massage has and continues to be the professionals of choice in so far as provision of quality massage therapy is concerned in Montreal and surrounding areas. We offer professional, dependable and reliable massage therapy to customers from all walks of life. The major advantage lies in the fact that we bring massage to you, in your home, when you want it.

Aura Mobile Massage professionals understand that customers are their greatest asset. The benefits of seeking any quality massage therapy are:

  • Ample relaxation
  • Increased blood flow in the body
  • Stress relief
  • Decreased depression
  • Lowering of blood pressure

Aura-In-Home Massage bring home and spa therapies to your door. Friendly and qualified staff will discuss and tailor a massage to the needs of each client. Working throughout the Montreal area we offer a full range of massage therapies for you to enjoy. Call today and find out for yourself how Aura-In-Home Massage can help you.

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Mobile Massage Service, is it for You?

Massage services have become much more main stream in recent years. Many people are increasingly coming to terms with the benefits that come with a massage as well as the positive effects it has on the individual. Massage services  provide the ideal opportunity to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, achieve peace of mind and provide relaxation . Aura-In-Home Massage have the interests of our customers at heart, hard working people who more often than not rarely find time for relaxation.

If you are looking for quality massage services, then it’s essential to find a masseur that maintains an emphasis on professionalism and customer satisfaction. Aura-In-Home Massage offers unique and diverse services to each and every client they visit, providing in home massage services that offer clients the convenience of relaxing at home and letting professional and reliable masseurs take the lead.

Our happy customers know why Aura-In-Home Massage are the best and their testimonials speak very highly of the services we offer. Aura-In-Home Massage are true professionals, reliable and highly qualified, yet friendly and interested in each client as an individual. Customers seeking massage services have the added advantage of enjoying many types of massage within the comfort of their own homes. Book today and find professional massage services in Montreal and surrounding areas.

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Unwind with the Help of a Massage Therapist in Montreal

The essence of a therapeutic massage has always been to provide that relaxing and rejuvenating feeling. Many are the times when we are bogged by the stresses of life that we forget to completely unwind and simply meditate. Going for a massage therapist Montreal expert can be all that you need in getting that much needed therapeutic feeling. If you have been thinking of the best way to get this service, then Aura In-home massage business is the place for you. This is because the business offers professional massage therapy aimed at ensuring that a person is fully relaxed and rejuvenated. The number of qualified massage therapies in this business is enough to ensure that all the needs of customers are met.

The business offers in home massage therapy and therefore customers do not need to walk for long distances or waste a lot of their time looking for reliable massage downtown Montreal businesses. The masseurs found in therapeutic massage Montreal businesses are men and women who understand the concept of a therapeutic massage and therefore do all that they can to ensure that customers get value for their money. The professional way in which aura in home massage business is operated coupled by its unique services is what keeps customers coming back for more. The fact that the business can offer a number of services in the comfort of one’s own living room is something that has augured well with many customers.

We all know that the benefits that come with a therapeutic massage. Seeking for these services from a reputable and well respected massage therapist Montreal professional is the best decision a person can ever hope for. The fact that aura in-home massage business has enlisted the professional services of men and women who have immense experience and training is something which cannot be underscored. As such, it’s advisable that you seek for that therapeutic benefit that comes with going for a massage.

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Enjoy Complete Relaxation with a Massage in Downtown Montreal

Nothing relaxes and rejuvenates the body like a therapeutic massage every once in a while. In as much as there has been a lot of debate on whether going for a massage is beneficial or not, we can’t be blind to the health as well as psychological benefits that come with going for a massage. Massage downtown Montreal masseurs are well known across the globe for their expertise, wealth of experience and the professionalism with which they go about their duties. These masseurs understand the therapeutic benefit that come with a massage and that’s why they take extra caution when providing this particular service.

Our busy life schedules sometimes take a toll on our bodies and therefore the need to undergo a therapeutic massage. Massage Montreal services are not only designed to give you the ultimate feeling of relaxation and peace but are also meant to ensure that you appreciate the essence of it. Whether you want a couple’s massage with your partner or simply wants to have complete relaxation at home, then AURA In-Home Massage is the place for you. The expertise exhibited with our masseurs coupled with the articulate and professional way with which they handle clients explains why our business is the place to be.

We provide in home massage to all our customers in an environment that is both conducive and appropriate for ambient relaxation. These massage services are extended to homes in order to provide those who do not have the means or ability to visit our centers physically enjoy the services. One can be assured of getting the most relaxed, professional and affordable massage services they could ever hope for. The wide range of services and litany of professionals in our AURA In-Home Massage business is an indication that quality has been taken to a whole new level as customers are treated as kings.

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