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Get the Best from a Sports Massage in Montreal

A sports massage is not just for professional athletes – if you are considering taking up a new sport, already engage in regular sporting activities or have been unfortunate enough to be injured during sports then you can get wonderful results from a sports massage from one of the fully qualified therapists here at Aura-In-Home Massage.


Source - Wikicommons

Source – Wikicommons


Any massage starts with an in depth chat with one of our therapists to ensure you get the best results possible. After a sports massage customers often find less muscle soreness, their muscles can build and improve faster plus general aches and pains are eased and the whole body feels and moves better. Massage is an essential part of keeping your body and mind functioning as it should, especially if you regularly exercise and put muscles under strain.

Who can Benefit from a Sports Massage?

Athletes, those who regularly exercise and also people suffering from muscle fatigue, general aches, chronic muscle pain and restricted movement will find a sports massage could be the right massage for them.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a version of a Swedish massage but more tailored to the needs of those who need to use a wide range of muscles to stay active. Stimulating circulation and the movement of lymph fluids while soothing any knotted or tired muscles. A sports massage can help with specific areas that may be painful or have restricted movement and also be useful after a hard workout to ease tired muscles such as an aching back or knees and also help improve recovery rates.


With many types of massage to choose from, why not give the professionals at Aura-In-Home Massage a call today to find out the ideal one for you and to book your massage in Montreal. We are the best mobile spa service covering Montreal, Old Port, Nun’s Island and other areas so will visit you at your office, home or convenient place – Take a look at our map for further details.


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Debunking Those Massage Myths

Many of you will have heard certain myths about massage and massage therapy so now is the time to debunk and discuss them to help put your mind at ease and give you the true facts about massage. Aura-In-Home Massage are passionate about our work and provide massage therapy across the Montreal area, we are the best mobile spa in Montreal and our Client testimonials show how much we care.

Source : Wikicommons

Source : Wikicommons

Massage Myths

  • A good massage means you will be sore the following day – Definitely a myth, you will not necessarily be sore after  any massage although it is recommended that you drink plenty of water following a massage as you should daily.
  • Getting a massage during the final trimester of pregnancy should be avoided – Massage is safe during your whole pregnancy and cannot trigger early labor.
  • Light massage is for relaxation only – Which is certainly not true, any type of massage performed by a professional is beneficial to your body.
  • Massage is a luxury that only certain people can afford – This one is most certainly a myth. Aura-In-Home Massage provides an affordable service to our clients in their own home, office or hotel.
  • Your massage therapist does not need to know about any health problems you have suffered in the past or present – Providing a massage therapist with a full medical history can help you get the best from your massage. With full knowledge your massage can be tailored to you as an individual.

Book your massage today with Aura-In-Home and find out for yourself the true benefits of massage, with regular special offers, highly qualified and friendly masseurs and many happy customers why would you want to go elsewhere? We take the hassle out of travelling for you, will provide you with a tailor made massage to help with any health issues and promise you the massage you deserve.

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Oooh and…… Relax

Relaxation is such a rare commodity these days and something we don’t achieve often enough according to many medical experts. So why not book in and let the Aura-In-Home Massage team soothe your tired muscles, alleviate your stress and help you find that relaxed state we all need to stay healthy and happy?

Slow sweeping strokes and a gentle touch are the key elements to our relaxation massage, and you should find that you will sleep better and feel more fluid all over afterwards. A relaxation massage can help with a range of problems from insomnia to muscle pain and more.

source – wikicommons

After a busy week at the office we all need to unwind, chill out and let the tensions of our hectic lifestyles float away, although many of us really do find it hard to switch off. Instead our minds and bodies continue in a half aware state that creates even more tension, sore muscles and in some cases, sleep deprivation. The fact that we’re still in full on mode does not help our bodies to adjust or compensate for the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Book your Aura-In-Home Massage today and soothe away the worries, find out how a relaxation massage can benefit your everyday life and you will never look back again! it really does work and our testimonials are from real customers who have benefited from our in home massage services. Drop us an e-mail at info@auramassage.ca or call on 514-654-AURA (2872) to discuss your requirements. Therapeutic massage in  Montreal is our speciality.

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The Hassles of Travel – That’s Why We Come to You

Have you ever wondered why more people don’t visit the spa for massages? Well to be honest it’s probably due to the fact that after a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is travel to the spa. We all really just want to go home and relax don’t we?

What if you could go home, unwind and have a professional massage without the hassle of driving to the spa? That’s when Aura-In-Home Massage is who you should be calling. Because we visit our clients in their own homes or office, you don’t have to worry about getting home late, finding a sitter for the kids or making another journey after a long day.

Source WikiCommons

The Aura-In-Home massage teams service area covers Montreal, West Island, and Nun’s Island making it easier for you to get the massage you deserve and not feel guilty about spending time at the spa. Have a home massage in Old Port, a couples massage in Montreal or a Chinese massage in Mount Royal, it’s up to you to decide where and when you’d like your massage, then just give us a call or book online and our professional masseurs will see you there.

Let Aura-In-Home Massage help you relax, unwind and de-stress after a long day in the comfort of your own home.

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Parlez-vous français? (Yes, we do!)


 AURA In-Home Massage is located in Montreal, Canada, and because of our close proximity to the French community, we wanted to let you know that we can serve you in your native language too.

Our receptionists speak French, some of our massage therapists speak French, and we’ve also created a separate website in French at www.fr.auramassage.ca to better serve our Francophone community!

So, if you prefer to speak French and have hesitated to contact us, or you know someone who only speaks French and is looking for a massage therapist, let them know about us.  We would love the opportunity to provide anyone, whether French or English, with a relaxing massage to rejuvenate and restore tired muscles and reduce stress.

Our licensed massage therapists will come to you to provide a peaceful and tranquil environment of blissful relaxation.  On a cold winter night, nothing is better than a fantastic massage followed by a glass wine in front of a roaring fire.

Let us help you find relief and provide rejuvenation to tired muscles after a stressful day!




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Massage Therapy – Let the Insurance company pay!


Most people love a great massage, especially after a long work day.  It’s a fantastic stress reliever and pain reducer.   Unfortunately, a lot of people also think it’s too expensive and never get one.

That means they are missing out on the chance to reap the benefits of a good massage. What you may not know is that massage is increasingly being recognized for its benefits in the medical community. Those benefits can be:

  • Increased circulation
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Improved Concentration
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Reduced dependence on medication     

 Most group health insurance plans cover the costs of treatments up to 800$ per year.  That’s right, your insurance can help you afford a truly wonderful experience!   That’s really good news for those of us who enjoy the benefits of massage!  That’s especially good news if you think you can’t afford to get them.  Now you can!

Some plans cover a portion of the cost while others cover the entire cost. Certain insurance companies require you to have a doctor’s prescription, which most physicians are willing to fill out. You should consult with your health insurance company to find out if it covers the cost of massage treatments.

No matter what, the benefits of massage – like better sleep and less stress – are worth the minimal cost in the long run and the health insurance industry is starting to see that too.  Let AURA In-Home Massage be the one to help you reap the rewards of those benefits!

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Massage for a Better Sleep



  All of us have had sleepless nights from time to time.  I had mine these last few days. 😉  I guess all the activities of balancing work and family this week have gotten the better of me…  Stress and tension can cause sleeping disorders.  Yesterday, I decided that the greatest way to end a hectic, fun-filled day was a relaxing rub-down from AURA In-Home Massage to signal my body, “Hey, time to recharge.”  

Result? GOOD MORNING, Montreal!!!

For those who don’t know that massage is a great sleep-inducer, well, you’re missing a lot.  All of us have an autonomic nervous system comprised of two parts: the parasympathetic and sympathetic.  The parasympathetic balances the sympathetic.  When you have a massage, the parasympathetic is activated and thus allows your body to relax.  When you are stressed, the sympathetic is activated and you will feel the urge to fight or flight.  So if stress and tension are the reasons why you are not sleeping very well, you might be relieved to know that one of the benefits of massage therapy is improved sleep patterns. Some people even fall asleep while having a professional massage. I do; that’s why I’m partial to AURA In-Home Massage so I can confidently doze off. 

Best part is – I dont need to drive home after, I can just slip right into bed and doze off!

A sleep disorder can seriously affect one’s quality of life.

 Getting enough sleep is as essential as getting a proper diet and exercise.  When we’re sleep deprived, we end up being cranky and ineffective in almost all aspects.  There may be a number of pills or medicines to help us get that much needed sleep, but many are interested in natural sleeping aides.  So.. Chamomile tea?  CHECK.  Soft mattress and pillows? CHECK.  Sheep to count?  NEVER MIND.  Appointment with AURA for Friday night?  DEFINITELY.