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I have been a frequent client of Aura during the past two years. The calibre of service that Aura offers is exemplary, and the treatments are always carried out in a calm and relaxed manner. The providers are well-trained, personable, and highly professional in their approach. Most importantly, they respond expertly to the client’s particular needs.


Joan-Carole KahnMontreal

My wife and I are so glad to have discovered Aura through friends of ours. With busy schedules and young children, it is nearly impossible for us to treat ourselves to a massage. It is convenient and effortless having a massage therapist come to our home – it simply fits our schedule.


Sheila and Mark JoernWestmount

It’s always only after you have a session that you realize that you needed one. Since I started using Aura’s services, I have not used any other massage service or gone anywhere else. Aura’s convenient and exceptional in-home service has spoiled me. The therapist is always conscientious, highly skilled and very professional. They always communicate with the client and adapt the session to the client’s needs and preferences. Aura’s services are amazing and definitely worth a try. I have to warn you though, you may get addicted.


Paul SarenasMontreal

The evenings we reserve for a massage are sacred – time when we take care of ourselves.  I used to get frequent headaches and and my husband back tension but since we’ve been using getting regular massages, we feel much better.  If it weren’t for Aura coming to our home, it would be too much of a hassle to go to a spa.  It’s great to receive the same quality service right in our home.

Town of Mount Royal

Catherine and Sam PuttermanTown of Mount Royal