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Little Known Facts About Massage

Simply put – massage is good for your health and the benefits have been proven time and time again. With Aura-In-Home Massage you can relax in the knowledge that all of our masseurs are highly trained, qualified and friendly yet professional. Our massage in Montreal offers high quality service at a price that’s right, for the best spa massage experience in the Montreal area give us a call today.

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If you are still a little skeptical about the benefits of massage take a look at our list of little known facts about massage.

  • Massage acts as a whole body relaxer and benefits both physical and emotional health.
  • Not only does massage promote an overall feeling of well being, it also can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  • Regular massage can assist in weight reduction and can aid to ¬†eliminate toxins and waste products from your body.
  • Blood vessels dilate during massage improving circulation. The number of red blood cells in your body can increase through massage.
  • Massage aids tissue metabolism and nutrition and can also be beneficial to those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Massage is for everyone and also makes a great gift for a loved one. Both body and mind are enhanced, relaxed and feel the benefits from a therapeutic massage. Let our massage therapists visit you in Montreal today.

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