Workplace massage

More relaxed means better performance

Studies have shown that relaxed employees are more productive and efficient.  Our workplace massages done on a chair  is your solution!  Help your staff achieve better results with AURA’s dedicated team of massage therapists.


The benefits of a chair massage:

  • increases employee productivity and performance
  • increases sense of belonging among employees
  • reduces stress, and over the long term, lower absenteeism
  • calms tension and reduces pain, increase sleep quality and activates the autoimmune system
  • prevents and/or attenuates lesions related to repetitive stress disorder


Reservations & Procedures

Simply call or email AURA Massage to set up a session schedule for your employees.

  • Sessions last 15 minutes each
  • Longer sessions available upon request
  • Each massage therapist arrives at your office equipped with a massage chair, music, disposable face rests, and cleansers



90$ per hour

Costs for a workplace massage program can be managed in different ways:

  • Your company covers 100% of the costs
  • Employees pay and are reimbursed by their insurance company. Insurance receipts will be provided
  • Your company and employees agree to share the costs.  Insurance receipts will be provided for the portion paid by the employee

For more information, please contact us.

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